Hey y’all! I’m Stephanie – a gal with an affinity for photography, personal style, tattoos, good tunes, and travel. I’m also rather fond of my husband, Nate. I like him so much that I moved 900 miles away from my very small town in Florida to date him after a whirlwind long distance romance. I moved to Kentucky in 2006, we got married in June of 2010, built a house together, adopted two bunnies, and the rest is history! We aspire to live an inspired lifestyle and I love sharing little pieces of our day to day here on the blog. I’ve been blogging and dabbling in web design since I was 14 years old – long before the term ‘blogging’ came about! I started Take-Hart.com as a fresh new start once Nate and I tied the knot.

A Few Random Facts:
♥ My maiden name is Hart – thus the name for this blog!
♥ I will be 26 in August.
♥ I just recently went back to blonde after two years of being stop-sign red.
♥ I shoot with a Nikon D5000.
♥ I have a Gaslight Anthem inspired tattoo on my left arm.
♥ John Mulaney is my favorite comedian.
♥ I’m a total beer snob and love living in a city with such a thriving local beer scene.
♥ I can recite Horrible Bosses word for word.
♥ I am absolutely terrified of spiders. I can’t even look at a photo of one.
♥ I “run away from the dark” when I turn out the downstairs light to go upstairs.
♥ I’m basically blind without contacts/glasses.
♥ I rarely buy anything for myself unless it’s on sale.
♥ I would move to San Francisco in a heart beat.
♥ I miss Disney World and the beach, a lot.
♥ Fall is my favorite season.
♥ I dream of being a full time blogger and photographer. Like all of the other bloggers out there.
♥ Babies are starting to look really appealing. As in, I want one.

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