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Denim & Polka Dot Hearts

VistaPrint in the mail, just in time for

Outfit Details:

Denim Crop Top: Pac Sun (similar)
Geometric Print Dress: Pac Sun
Boots: Kmart
Tights: Aerie

Downtown Tulip

Well I suppose I can’t hide the fact that these photos are a leetle bit old! I mean, just a few weekends ago old! But if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that my hair is leaning more toward the blonde spectrum now! I plan to remix this dress at least 1000xs this Spring/Summer so I’ll let the different hair color aid in the remixing! ;] These outfit photos were taken on a complete whim while we were downtown giving our out of town guests, Dave & Alanna, a tour of the city! It was overcast and fairly cool out but I just had to wear this new dress! My friends from Florida were totally wearing hoodies and looking at me like I was a little crazy!

Denim has quickly become my favorite wardrobe staple of the season. If I’ve purchased an item of clothing in the last month it has been denim or a light color “faux denim” like you see here. I may have even bought acid wash jeans… I adore them.. I don’t care what anyone says! I love how this dress looks like a crop top with a skirt – all the fun of a crop top without having to worry about my tummy popping out! Would you believe it’s from Wet Seal?

These tulips were so, so pretty! We visited this spot again just under a week or so later and they were all gone. I guess tulips have a fairly short lifespan? I never realized! They are definitely my favorite flower and I was so excited when we turned the corner to see them all so beautifully planted. :]

Woodford Reserve

I wish I could show every aspect of the tour and every single photo that I took! I’m going to have such a rough time narrowing down which pictures to share when we go places like this. I have Nate to thank for my outfit photos, of course! He even got all of the little details – like these buttons! I didn’t even notice the little anchors until the third or fourth time I wore them!

Outfit Details:

Lace Top: Forever 21
High-Wasited Shorts: Clothing swap with Kristie
Leopard Flats: Target
Leopard Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Leopard Sunglasses: Target
Bag: Bobbi Bucket Satchel c/o Sienna Ray & Co.

Last Outfit Shoot of 2012

here, posted one photo, and then waited for the perfect time to blog the rest. Does anyone else do this? You love something so much (a DIY you put together, outfit photos, etc.) that you don’t want to post it because once you do then you wont have that perfect thing sitting in your back pocket ready to go up on your blog at any time? I kind of do this with everything. I will keep a new outfit in my closet for weeks/months waiting for just the right time to wear it for the first time. So, that’s what I did with these photos .. and this jumper dress! My In-laws got me this dress for Christmas (2011!). It made it into a few Instagram shots and one or two blog photos but that was it! I was just saving it for the perfect outfit post. There really isn’t a better time to debut an outfit than when you have an actual photographer willing to take your photos, so I’d say that worked out well!
Kaelahbee!*cough*) and we realized we both knew of her blog and started chatting about how much we love her. Haaa. Kindred internet nerd spirits? I think so. I’m excited to dream up a few locations and plan some outfits with her! I’m thinking fun props and themes for upcoming shoots! Just need to nail down some solid ideas! I think first and foremost I may need some new clothes! I realized a few days ago how few new pieces I’ve purchased in the last year. I suppose I’ll have to get my remix on.. and maybe I can thrift a few new things! Maybe that’s a good idea for a shoot… thrifting! ;]

Make sure to hope on over to Erika’s Twitter!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Forever 21
Top: H&M
Boots: Kmart
Hat: Target
Cape: New York & Co.
Bag: Shii