If We’re Being Honest: Time Management + Goals

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This is going to be one of those word-vomit posts. You know the ones. Sometimes it’s good to just let yourself spill your thoughts completely uncategorized, unfiltered. This Christmas season came fast and I know that it is part of why I feel like there has been no time to think about or do anything. We have been constantly on the go and the days that have been spent at home were spent feeling under the weather. I am mostly blaming the busy time of year for the lack of time I’ve had to spend on anything – but if I’m being honest with myself – this is something I struggle with year round. I have a lot of things on my to-do list but I rarely tick them off because I’m constantly just trying to get through each day. The scary part is that I keep thinking I’m going to be better in 2015 – I’m going to be prepared for this baby, I’m going to meal plan, we’re going to be crazy awesome with our finances, we’re going to get all of our house projects done, I’m going to WORK HARD on my Pure Romance business, etc. But if I haven’t been doing these things over the past few months or the past year – what am I going to change in order to make them happen with a new baby? I know I have a few months to work this out and get myself on track but I know that I have to start now. And I know that I can’t keep doing what I’m doing if I expect things to change. Because what is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Clearly, I have been living an insane lifestyle.

It’s time to set goals and to meet them.

Goals for January 2015:

♥ Make a complete list of what Nate and I plan to buy for baby boy and what we plan to register for.
♥ Make a list of every detail for the nursery and complete one task every weekend.
♥ Have 5 Pure Romance parties in January – call potential hostesses daily, give out samples/business cards, and be generally excited about my business! Because I AM!!
♥ Pay my car payment with Pure Romance earnings.
♥ Keep a detailed planner for bills and all important dates.
♥ Make a list every evening of what absolutely needs to be done the next day allotted hour by hour.
♥ Meal plan and only eat out ONCE for the entire month. (this one freaks me out.. but we can do it!)

I’m keeping it simple for now as to not add too much to my plate, but these are the things I want to accomplish in January no matter what! These are completely obtainable and I will keep myself accountable by posting them here.

Do you do anything special regarding time management and achieving your goals? I would love to hear you tips!!

If We’re Being Honest: Grief & Loss

I used to have a blog that was fairly low on the radar of the people I knew in real life – friends, family, coworkers, etc. It used to be a little bit easier to just curl up with my laptop in my PJs after a long day and type out a post full of raw emotion and slap it up on the internet. I suppose it’s just always been easier for me to tell a readership of strangers what I’m thinking. There have been a few changes since that time in my life though – you know, the angsty teenage years of writing deep and meaningful posts on the internet. For the most part, I just plain don’t have a lot to gripe about anymore. My blog is an upbeat place where I share snapshots of my life and my life is pretty good most of the time. But sometimes it’s not so picture perfect and I think it’s good to share that side of life too.

Yesterday came and it went like all of the other days that have come and gone since my father-in-law passed away but for some reason it’s harder to see that date again, that time on the clock – one full year. I don’t think you can fully grasp the reality of time until you loose someone. The hours seem to pass at warp speed and life can become a weird countdown of days, months, and years if you let it consume you. I lost my dad when I was 11, along with several other close family members shortly before and after that. I’ve been able to find peace in those experiences as I’ve gotten older. I can tell how loss has shaped me and made me hyper aware of every single second. It’s given me the ability to be fully present in a moment and recognize it for all of it’s beauty; to be able to watch a perfect memory forming right before my eyes. Sometimes I just stop and think right in the middle of it all, “We’ll always remember this.” This is one of the many reasons I feel the constant need to take photos – the need to remember the little things or the thought that one little picture could become so valuable to someone if there’s ever a time when that’s all they have left to remember someone by. It sounds a little dark and maybe it is but I’ve become so thankful for this awareness.

It’s really easy to stand still in grief – to become angry, to refuse to recognize all that you still have. We aren’t built to see what we have, only what we’ve lost. But I refuse to live that way. I wont go through life feeling like I’ve been robbed – I just wont. That’s not to say I wont ever be sad or ungrateful or have a bad day – that’s life. But overall, I want to be the kind of person who sees the silver lining. I want to be slow to speak negative or angry words. I don’t want to rush or be in a hurry. I want to be truly thankful to be alive. Because if we’re being honest, we just don’t have any idea how long we’ll be here. So why would we waste it?

If We’re Being Honest: Blogger Entitlement

Keeping up with a blog is a difficult task when you have a full time job, a husband, friends – a life. I used to be good at it, not great, but certainly moving forward. I used to stay up late on weeknights editing photos and scheduling posts. I used to put forth the extra effort to take outfit pictures even when I wasn’t feeling it. I used to speak my mind a little more candidly without thinking about how a stranger might misinterpret my words. I could put the blame on a lot of different life changes (like my new position at work) but if we’re being honest: I think I’ve been acting a little entitled to having a blog following.

I would say that my ideas for this space and the connections that I have made within the blogging world have grown leaps and bounds over the past year – but my stats don’t reflect that at all. Why? Because I’ve only been putting in the bare minimum effort when it comes to posting regularly, setting/meeting goals, coming up with interesting content, responding to comments, and social networking with other bloggers. I’ve been doing this blogging thing for so long that I’ve started to act like I shouldn’t have to work for it. I’m really frustrated with myself because every time I start to succeed at something I tend to let it fall by the wayside. I feel like I have more of a handle on how to run a successful blog now than I ever have and yet there’s almost nothing that I could show you that would point to that as true.

I don’t blame anyone who has jumped ship during this time. It’s been so stale around here and I feel like I owe my readers an apology for expecting them to continue to flock to my blog and comment on things that don’t really stand out or demand attention. It’s time to quit feeling entitled to having followers, sponsors, page views, and comments just because I’ve been around a while or because I’ve worked with a few brands. I could say I don’t care about the numbers but that would be a lie because some of my goals are business oriented. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. I firmly believe in staying true to myself and my blogging style and if no one ever read my blog I’d still keep at it – but setting a goal to grow my readership and open up more opportunities for myself is definitely something I’m happy to work toward and not ashamed to admit!

I didn’t have to write all of this out and I know that. I could have just made a mental note and started making plans to move forward, be better, work harder. The thing is – I just kind of miss being open with you guys! I hope y’all will give me another chance! And I apologize if anyone feels like this now. ;]