Soft Times by Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan

Every now and then I come across new music that fills my heart with pure happiness; Soft Times, by Matt Duncan, is definitely at the top of my “happy heart” list right now. Matt Duncan is a singer-songwriter from the beautiful (I may be biased..) city of Lexington, KY. As a music lover and Lexington resident, this album feels a little bit like a hidden gem tucked in the back pocket of the local music scene, just waiting to be shared with the world. I first heard Matt play one night on a whim when some friends asked Nate and I to hang out at Cosmic Charlie’s – a local music venue where another good friend of ours runs the sound. We had such a good time that night and I knew instantly that the songs on this album would become key to my summer playlist! It has a smooth retro Indie/Pop vibe that is just so easy to love .. and dance to! Just have a listen and try to tell me that you’re not dancing around your living room singing about moving to the Keys! If you’re ever in the area you’ll definitely want to make it out to see Matt and his band – they’re great live and so entertaining!

Pick up your own copy of Soft Times by clicking here and make sure to follow Matt Duncan on Facebook for tour dates and all other updates!

The Gaslight Anthem Show

The Gaslight Anthem Show
We bought tickets to see The Gaslight Anthem back in December as a Christmas present, and it’s hard to believe March 2nd came and went so fast! I really don’t think I can describe how much fun our little weekend getaway truly was. We stayed at a hotel right in downtown Indianapolis within walking distance of the venue and even though it was insanely cold and snowing- we had such a good time walking around. We stopped off at a few places on the way to grab a bite to eat and hang out a little!

I could ramble on and on about the show and how wonderful it was – but I’ll spare you because there is really only one thing you need to know (!!!) – they played my song, “Boom Boxes and Dictionaries”. I’m not sure if they’ve played it on any of their dates after ours but up until that point they had not played it all- and they opened with it! I just about lost my mind. (For those of you who don’t know – I have lyrics from this song tattooed on my arm.)

I wish we could see bands that we love every single weekend and go on mini-adventures, but then I suppose these memories just wouldn’t be quite as special! I snapped a few photos of us relaxing in the hotel room right before heading out. I just love a night or two of sleep in a giant, cushy hotel bed! Sometimes it is so much easier to relax and unwind in a hotel – nothing to clean, no distractions! We definitely had a great time overall and I can’t wait until our next trip!

Trip To IndianapolisTrip To IndianapolisTrip To IndianapolisTrip To Indianapolis

Year Of October


Having friends in a band is a pretty cool thing, because sometimes they think that you are cool enough with your big fancy camera to take their photos. What they don’t know is that in the world of blog land everyone has a big fancy camera and I’m not actually as cool as I pretend to be. But, moving right along..

Nate and I met up with Josh and Phlecia Sullivan, the sweet newlywed couple behind Year of October, in downtown Lexington Saturday evening for a super laid back band photo shoot. They have another band mate, Seth Sizemore, who I jokingly said I would photoshop into the photos since he couldn’t make it- but guess what Seth? I don’t feel like it and you should just make it to your band’s photo shoots. ;] Phelcia, Josh (aka Sully), and Seth live in Nashville and are pursuing their dream of making it big. Stories, their new “bluesy” folk rock album is currently available for listen and download here!

Or here, real quick!

Year of October
Year of October
Year of October

This was really a lot of fun for me because while I absolutely love photography, I’m not the best at directing people on how to pose or stand, so I’m not extremely confident in my ability to take photos in this type of setting. Thankfully I think they liked how the pictures came out and I don’t feel like a failure! Hooray. :] And honestly, how could Phelcia not photograph well – right? I know. (You too, Sully!)

Year of October
Year of October
Year of October

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If you’re in the Nashville area make sure to look them up and find out when and where their next show will be!

Pickle Love & An Outfit!

On Saturday we ended up in downtown Toledo looking for a yummy place to eat lunch. I looked up several places on Google and we settled on a local brewery (right up our alley!) – but once we arrived we realized that they didn’t open until 4pm. It was around 2:30 or so and we were beyond starving. So I found another place, an Irish pub called The Blarney, and we drove a few blocks over. I’m sure the first place we decided to go would’ve been great, but man oh man am I glad we went to The Blarney. DE-LICIOUS! I had a bowl of baked potato soup and half of a turkey club sandwich with a little pickle on the side. (I’m mentioning the pickle because I used to hate them and I’ve recently started loving them. That, and mustard. TWO things I used to detest.)

I was making this face because I felt weird taking this picture in public..

While we were walking back to the car from eating I spied a great place for outfit photos. I do this all of the time, but usually opt out of these situations like- “OH well, I didn’t come here planning to take outfit photos.” But this time I was just like, “What the hell? Nate, take a few pictures!” The iPhone makes it easier to do things like this on a whim. (I know, I’m still talking about my phone. SORRY.)

After we left The Blarney we headed back to our hotel room. We had just moved to our second hotel room when we left for lunch, so we were eager to get back and play! The pool in this room was significantly bigger and it was a two story loft! The bed was probably my favorite part- the biggest comfiest plushiest bed I’ve ever slept in. Just so wonderful.

We didn’t have a whole whole lot of time to hang out, so Nate took a dip in the pool and I relaxed on the amazing bed. We headed out to Headliners to see Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids play a little bit later. Without saying a whole lot- it was awesome… with a little bit of a twist towards the end. The recipe for this night would be: two amazing bands, beer, dancing, friends, one pair of ruined leopard flats, a STD band member with a broken nose, and a very very memorable Matt story. Yep.

Mr. Amazing himself- Chris Conley. <3 (I love that I've met him! He's too sweet.)

Outfit Info:
Dress & Earrings: Forever21
Wedges: Target
Owl Necklace: Gift/Pac Sun
Headband: Shii Shoes

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