Pieces of The Days: August of Adventures

August 2014

August has been such a good month! I am a little bit partial to August because of my birthday and all – but this one was jam packed full of fantastic adventures and memories! Nate and I had the chance to go to the PGA Championship (that’s where the photo above where I am wearing sunglasses was taken – right after getting completely drenched in a torrential downpour!), we saw Manchester Orchestra play a show right here in Lexington, Nate spoiled me for my birthday (new dress in that mirror shot!), I had another great month building my Pure Romance business (did a little product testing of our new bath line and a new scent), and I made progress in my silks classes! Yeah – I’d say August was a pretty great month!

I had a fantastic birthday weekend. Nate always knows how to surprise me and treat me on my birthday (and everyday). I got my usual special treatment – I woke up to roses from the farmers market, my favorite iced almond latte, and my favorite donuts! He told me that on the way to pick up all of those things he saw a dress in the window of a little boutique downtown that I *had* to have and he wanted to take me back to look at it. Isn’t that sweet?! We went back and I fell in love with that dress and SEVERAL other items! To my surprise they were all super reasonably priced so I picked out a few things! I could probably count on one hand the number of items of clothing I’ve bought in the last year that aren’t considered yoga pants/workout gear, so it felt really nice to add a few new pieces to my closet! AND it felt pretty great to support a cute local boutique downtown! If you’re in Lexington you should definitely stop in and check out Caught Ya Lookin (or check out their website)! I can’t wait to share some outfit posts!

I’m looking forward to heading into September and the fall season! I may or may not have already put out a lot of my fall decorations. Our house just looks better in fall – our couch cushions are all burnt orange, mustard yellow, and brown! I’m getting way too excited about going into Bath and Body Works to grab some Fireside Marshmallow candles and wallflowers. I have one of the teeny tiny candles left from last year that I’ve been burning for like 10 minutes at a time all year just to get my fix, haha. I honestly can’t wait to tailgate for football, crunch around in some leaves, go apple and pumpkin picking (we did that last year for the first time! I loved it!), sit outside in the crisp fall air, and make warm cocktail drinks with my partner in cocktail making crime- Kristie. Actually, she usually makes them and I just get to drink them.

What are you looking forward to this fall? Are you ready or do you want summer to hang on a little longer? I realized earlier this week that I literally did not go swimming or even put on a bathing suit ONCE this summer and that’s a little depressing for this Florida girl turned Kentuckian. I think maybe a beach trip needs to be in the cards for next year!


Pieces of The Days is monthly/sometimes weekly series where I share photos from my iPhone and talk a little bit about daily life happenings! Some of the photos have been shared on my Instagram and some have not!

Pieces of The Days: Can’t Slow Down

Life Lately

For those of you who just read the title of this post and immediately thought of Saves The Day – 10 points for you. I can’t think of a better way to describe life lately though. I literally can’t slow down and I’m loving it. Lately it’s been crazy work weeks and jam packed weekends. My intentions to get my house clean last weekend were outweighed by brunch with Nate, silk classes, a hair appointment, shopping, and porch sitting! I scheduled a hair appointment prior to a crazy work week as an incentive to just get. through. it. I haven’t had anything done professionally to my hair since last August, so it was time! My hair stylist is the best and she was super excited when I told her I wanted pink and turquoise added in to my blonde! She kept me in suspense while drying it and styling it. I am absolutely in love with it. After my appointment I went over to my Mother-in-law’s house. She wanted to take me to check out a patio furniture set that she found on sale at Kohl’s. Nate and I have lived in our house for four years now without any outdoor furniture. She wanted to get us something or our anniversary so we went and looked at it to make sure it was something we would like. Needless to say – we have a beautiful little place to sit on our front porch now. I bought a cute floral pillow to add the finishing touch. I just need something pretty for the table now! Nate and I have already spent a few hours out there just reading and hanging out.


This weekend has been pretty good so far! We kept with the tradition of Saturday brunch and as per usual I got up and went to Aerial Yogilates and Silks class. Last night we went out to a new Beer Hall here in Lexington with a few friends, got taco truck food for dinner (SO GOOD), and went to check out a performance by my aerial silks instructor. It was a nice but busy evening that left me with a very huge need for coffee this morning! Besides making it to class, going to brunch, and buying bunny hay for the baby bunnies – I have been very unproductive today. I Facetimed with my Mom from my new iPad (!!!!) and binge watched episodes from Season 3 of GIRLS (on my iPad). I’m obsessed with my iPad! I can’t even tell you how fantastic it is going to be to use it to manage my Pure Romance business!!

I feel like this year is flying by so quickly already. It really hit me on June 12th when we celebrated our four year anniversary. So much has changed in four years. We’ve gone through some good times and some really hard times – but here we are – stronger, more in love, more confident in who we are as individuals. I’m looking forward to such a good summer full of wonderful memories. A summer dedicated to living life to the fullest. I hope you do the same!

Springtime in Lexington, Kentucky

Some of my favorite weekends this time of year are spent wandering our city’s downtown area. One of my best friends, Kristie, lives in the perfect location in downtown Lexington. On occasion, our husbands go off and do their man things and we spend the afternoon exploring the prettiest nearby neighborhoods and popping in and out of all of the places the boys will never go with us, like cocktail bars and Local Taco (mmmm, chips and salsa)! We pretty much just set out on foot with no plans in particular and end up where we end up! My favorite kind of plans are basically no plans at all.

Springtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, Kentucky

RailRunner 10 Miler

Nate ran the RailRunner 10 Miler a few weekends back. It was a crisp and beautiful morning to be out and about so early. I rarely see that time of morning as a fully dressed and presentable human being on the weekend. No matter how many Friday nights I spend telling myself that I will wake up early the next day to clean, read, blog, take photos, etc. Nope, it almost never happens. So when I do have a reason to get a jump start on my weekend – it feels so refreshing. Nate’s races are always a great reason for me to get outside with my camera in a new setting.

RailRunner 10 MilerRailRunner 10 MilerRailRunner 10 MilerRailRunner 10 Miler

Lately I’ve been needing the extra push when it comes to finding my creative energy. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m focusing my efforts on other creative outlets in a way that I never have before or what, but it’s frustrating for sure. While I waited on Nate to finish the race I had a good bit of time to myself to just be. I had no where to go and no one to converse with. It was just me and my camera… and it was nice.

Now that the weather is warming up I can feel some of the creative juices starting to flow. I feel excited to share again, to get organized, to be more thankful. It’s been a cold past few months. I’ve been a little bit sad, too. Just a little – not like, woe-is-me depressed. But to the point where every blog post I tried to write felt laced with some type of underlying emotion that I seemed to need people to acknowledge. So I stayed a little quieter than usual and took some time to reflect. I think that was a good choice.

RailRunner 10 MilerRailRunner 10 MilerRailRunner 10 MilerRailRunner 10 MilerRailRunner 10 Miler

I’m looking forward to sharing a beautiful, fun filled spring and summer with you guys! Nate and I have quite a few fun events coming up over the next few months that I wont want to miss out on documenting. His birthday is this week, we’re seeing Bruce Springsteen on April 8th, we’re going to a small Saves The Day house show in May, and my cousin is coming to visit in July to sight-see and attend the Forecastle Music Festival with us! Those are just the few things I can remember off the top of my head. Oh, and the University of Kentucky basketball team is headed to the final four on Saturday. !!! Life is looking pretty good!