Weekly Landon: 17 Weeks

Weekly Landon: 17 WeeksSeptember 13, 2015 | 17 Weeks Old

I take photos and videos of my baby every single day with my iPhone. Most of you know this if you follow me on Instagram (sorry, not sorry). But when it comes to photos taken with my nice DSLR, well, I’ve really neglected using it since he’s been born. It’s just hard to think to stop and use it reguarly! So I would like to take at least one photo of him a week with my DSLR and share it here. Sometimes Nate or I will be in it, sometimes it will just be him!

It feels like fall today, so the pumpkin hat finally made it’s debut! =) I got some clearer shots of him but this one turned out to be my favorite. I feel like it really shows his personality! He’s the happiest baby when those mean old teeth aren’t bugging him. I’m so lucky to be his mom!