A Post in Which I Ramble About Having Dreams and Being Passionate

If you’ve been following along with my blog over the years or you know me in real life – you probably know that I have big dreams but that I tend to let the little details get in the way. Typically when I take on a new adventure (learning a new skill, becoming a business owner, etc!) I go full force, the excitement wears off a bit, and then I’m left with the doubts about what I’ve gotten myself into. When I started taking aerial silk classes I thought about giving up several times, but I became passionate about becoming an aerialist in a way that I never expected. I wouldn’t give up because I truly loved it and so the journey of perfecting my skills started to look more like a pathway and less like a road block. I changed my attitude.

I signed up to be a Pure Romance consultant back at the end of April of this year. I remember right after I signed up I talked to A LOT of people about my new business and it felt easy because it was new and exciting. But then I found myself shying away from talking about it because I felt like I was just going to bother people. I wasn’t, but I started projecting that attitude because that’s how I felt. I accepted rejection before I was even rejected! I let my low self esteem talk me out of sharing a fantastic opportunity with other women all because I was afraid to bug them or to be asked a question I wasn’t sure how to answer. But I’ve had to remind myself that the beauty of this company is that we don’t just sell a product that no one really needs. We have customers who thank us all of the time for sharing information with them that they haven’t gotten anywhere else, customers that thank us for selling them a product that resulted in them spending time with their partner that they wouldn’t have otherwise spent, even customers who thank us for helping to save their marriages!

I said ‘yes’ to the Pure Romance opportunity because I am passionate about the products and what we stand for – Educating, Empowering, and Entertaining women. I’ve never been a salesperson of any sort (unless you count my weird ability to get people to sign up for credit cards when I worked retail, ha!) and had no interest in it at all. I became a consultant because I went to a Pure Romance party having no idea what it would be like (with a little bit of a preconceived idea of what it would be like) and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was fun and classy and there wasn’t anything embarrassing about it. It made me want to change that misconception that some people have because there is something for everyone! I always have to giggle when people say they don’t need anything because I said it too! If you shave, wear perfume, and take baths/showers – there are AT LEAST 5 products for you! ;] I also said yes for my own selfish reasons, of course! Nate and I want to be able to do life differently! We want to pay off debt, save more money, buy things for our home, travel, be able to visit my family in Florida more often, take classes that interest us, buy that pair of shoes (Nate buys shoes way more often than I do!! Ahem, being a marathoner ain’t cheap), HAVE A BABY (OH yeah, I said it), and party on the weekends until we decide to have that baby. ;] And the discounts, free products, free trip incentives, and $500 gift card drawings just for pinning things don’t hurt either.

I needed to say all of this to remind myself that this new business venture is just like the silk classes in the way that they were difficult at first but once I kept at it I built momentum and my progress snowballed. I got better and better every time I went and it got easier. I’m still learning/getting better and of course I will continue to grow based on the time and effort I put into it. And this is the exact same thing. This isn’t something to be shy about because I’m sharing something good, something that might help someone, or it might just give them a delightful bubble bath. Haha. But whatever the case may be – it’s something I want to share, not just sell someone on – share. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to run my own business and to work it as much or as little as I’d like to, to make a little extra money (or a lot!), to take extra trips, and to be able to save up for all of the “extras” in life. I wanted to write this post because I want to be able to look back in a month, six months, a YEAR – I want to remember when I made myself accountable and reminded myself that there is no limit here! I have been doing well with my goal of one party a month – that’s all I wanted when I signed up. But I see the potential for so much more now and, y’all – I’ve got to go for it!

Feel free to follow my ‘Like’ my page on Facebook. I need you guys to keep me accountable too! What are you working on right now that you’re passionate about? Tell me in the comments and if you’ve written a blog about it, I’d love to read it!

New Business Endeavours: Pure Romance

Pure Romance by Stephanie

Well friends, I have a bit of exciting news to share with you all today! It’s official – I am now a Pure Romance consultant. You may or may not have any idea what that means. Or, you may think you have an idea of what that means – but you might be a little off! Let me fill you in, because I’m really excited about it!

So, perfume I’m wearing if they happen to smell it and like it (which happens often). When I’m passionate about something I have a hard time shutting up about it – for example: all of the Aerial Silk classes that I’ve gone on and on about to anyone who will listen. When I love something I want other people to have the chance to experience it too! I’ve tried and bought products from other direct sales companies in the past but it’s either been something a bit gimmicky or something you can walk into Target and buy just as easily, for a much better price. That isn’t the case with these products, so people want to hostess parties for the free gifts/discounts and ladies want to attend if for no other reason then to enjoy a girls night out.

I took a lot of time to think about this opportunity before taking a leap of faith and signing up. I never saw myself as someone who would “Empower, Educate, and Entertain” other women. I am kind of shy! I gave myself a lot of reasons why I couldn’t do this and as the saying goes, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”. It may be cheesy but it’s true. I’ve watched my friend (and now sponsor) reap the amazing benefits that Pure Romance has to offer over the last year or so. Staying home with her family, traveling all over, receiving promotion after promotion within the business, and building a brand new beautiful house. I’ve stood by silently, almost jumping on the opportunity several times, but always stepping back from the ledge. You don’t have the personality for that. You will get lost trying to find people’s houses for parties and freak out. You wont ever make the kind of money that these other ladies are making. But then I realized that I’ve done a whole lot of things this year that have scared the absolute shit out of me (for lack of a better way to put it!) and none of them have turned out badly. The exact opposite actually. So why not? I bet it will be totally awkward at first, but I love to teach people things and make people laugh and boy is this a good opportunity for that! I will probably get lost at some point on my way to a party but I’m betting I’ll get where I’m going and it wont kill me. And, I may not ever make the kind of money some of the other people I know make. I probably wont ever quit my corporate job to do this full time. I may only do one party a month and just pay for my Aerial Silk classes but that’s fine! I think it’s great to dream big but for me it helps to have a super do-able/realistic goal. Anything over that will feel like the icing on the cake!

The pieces are all coming together. I just received my kit and my fancy little name tag. I’ll be shadowing my sponsor at a party on Saturday and setting up my very own launch party soon! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or shoot me an email. I’ll be setting up a blog and a Facebook page for my new little business where I’ll share promotions and events that will be happening in the future! So even if you’re far away – I can be your Pure Romance consultant (or your SPONSOR if you’re interested in becoming a Consultant)! Love that! And if you’re interested in shopping online and possibly purchasing something from me right meow – click here!

Thanks for all of your support friends!!

Pure Romance by Stephanie