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A Christmas Tradition With Friends

Christmas Party 2014
This year we held our second Christmas party ever in our home. Last year we decided to throw a tacky sweater party together on a whim and it was *so* much fun. So, we planned to have another one this year – a cocktail party this time! We had a great time munching on appetizers, sipping cocktails, and playing games with our closest friends. Sometimes I can’t believe how blessed I am to have these people in my life – new and old friendships alike. A lot of the pictures turned out blurry inside in the low light, so Nate and I didn’t manage to get a good photo together. I guess we’ll be making up for it the rest of the year through our 365 project. ;]

Portrait of a Kitty

I took a lot of photos while I was in Florida. I carried my DSLR around everywhere I went looking for the perfect shots of the ocean, of Sebring.. everything. So it’s kind of fitting that one of my favorite moments during the trip ended up being captured on my phone – a random picture that I snapped quickly and without much thought. KiKi and I share the same birth month – August. I was eight years old when my aunt and uncle’s outdoor cat had kittens. I begged and begged my mom to let me have one of them. I’ll never forget the day she said yes and we went to pick one out. KiKi was my first and only pet for so long. It’s hard to believe that she will be 18 this month. I’m so glad I’ll always have this sweet photo of her! I love toting around my DSLR, but nothing beats having a good quality camera on your phone when just the right moment pops up. Like at dinner when your cat forgets to put her tongue back in her mouth while begging for food. =)

Sweet Summer Time & Dreams

Nate and I have been daydreaming a lot lately about the future and what it might hold. I think that getting married young can be tricky – so worth it when you know it’s right – but still tricky! We’ve both developed new interests and created so many new goals for ourselves during our short 3 years of marriage. We’re extremely supportive of one another – so it works! But I just find it so interesting how so much can change. I feel like we’ve accomplished what so many couples our age are working so hard toward – we have a great marriage, our own home, and jobs that pay the bills (not our dream jobs, but jobs none the less). Building our own home was a dream come true and it feels like we should be settled – content to stay here forever. But what if we want to move? What if our dreams take us somewhere else? I’m not saying that will happen but it just feels crazy to even think about the possibility of it.

There is always that possibility though – for any of us! We get out of life what we put in and if there is something that you want – just you know, go get it (within reason, obviously y’all). Every time I visit my home town I am told by any number of people that they’re so proud of me for “getting out”, like I accomplished some wildly unattainable goal that NO ONE ELSE can figure out how to accomplish. I’m not saying it’s just THATEASY to up and move, or that it isn’t scary, or that you shouldn’t plan ahead. Maybe you’ll have to plan for years for it to even be feasible – money doesn’t grow on trees, at least not where I’m from! I’m not saying just get in your car and drive away – but you can make plans toward the things you want and make smart choices, right? No one has chained you to your town, bad relationships, or your crappy job. And just because Nate and I feel like we have many of the things that should make us happy forever, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t actually something just as equally great (if not better) waiting somewhere else! That’s the great thing about life. =)

I hope that my ramblings didn’t come off sounding as if I think it’s simple to have any ol’ thing you want out of life if you just will it into existence. I know that isn’t the case. But I do think too many of us are so paralyzed by fear of something different that we can’t even see that we actually have other choices – and that is what I’m talking about here. I am guilty of that fear, and so I’m challenging myself to have a little faith in our dreams even when they seem a little nuts! Have a great Saturday everyone!

Fireflies & 3 Year Anniversaries

“To me you are the light from a light bulb that breaks sometimes
and the tender warmth inside is released into my life”
On June 12th Nate and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. We went out for sushi and frozen yogurt the night before and spent our actual anniversary evening with friends and family at Nate’s weekly softball game. He sweetly apologized several times for making us spend our anniversary at a softball game – but the funny thing was that I never even thought twice about it. My favorite flowers (tulips) and a sweet card were waiting for me when I got home from work earlier that day and he (jokingly) said that he was sorry he wasn’t able to give me expensive jewelry. It got me to thinking about the people out there that really do feel like they need to celebrate special dates in a certain way – on the exact date, at a certain place, with an expensive gift. I just can’t really understand that. I can’t imagine making Nate miss a softball game so we could celebrate on the exact date of our anniversary and I also can’t see myself ever feeling disappointed with any gift he would give to me. I’m so blessed to have a loving husband who wants to make sure that I have everything I want, but what he doesn’t realize is that he does that every single day just by being my best friend. Though I will never turn down sushi, frozen yogurt, or flowers! =D And it’s a good thing we went to that softball game because, um, he hit a grand slam! Wouldn’t have missed that for the world!

We snapped the picture above as we left Brittany & CJ’s wedding Saturday night. The fireflies were so pretty and just everywhere – can you spot them whirling around us? Fireflies will always remind me of good things: falling in love, Saves The Day songs, moving to Kentucky, Summer, moving into our brand new house right after we got married – what a fitting image to celebrate 3 years! I love you Nate!