Live On Coffee and Flowers.

Live On Coffee and Flowers
This has been a full summer. A summer full of just being a twenty-six year old, which I’ve decided, is kind of a weird age. On the one hand it feels a little bit like I should be spending my free time budgeting and meal planning but on the other I know that these next few years may be the last before we have real responsibilities. So, I fall somewhere in the middle of being a truly responsible adult and someone who stays out a little later than they should on a week night. And I’m mostly okay with it, because I’m having the time of my life with my husband this summer. Plus, our idea of staying out late is typically like.. 10:30pm. ;]
Live On Coffee and FlowersLive On Coffee and FlowersLive On Coffee and Flowers
Just last week my cousin, Ellen, came up from Florida to stay with us for a few days while Nate and I had some time off of work. Nate and I went to Warped Tour right before she got here and then we all went to Forecastle. It was a blast! It was so great to spend some time with her and show her around Lexington! We stayed up until 5am sitting on my kitchen counters talking all night, just like we used to do when were kids (minus the Strawberitas). Every now and then I can recognize a period of time in my life that I know I’ll never forget. I think these past few months are on my list of treasured memories and I think the next few will probably make the cut, too. I’m not trying to wish away our wonderful summer weather but I see a pretty fantastic fall ahead of us!
Live On Coffee and FlowersLive On Coffee and FlowersLive On Coffee and FlowersLive On Coffee and Flowers
I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer so far! I have a few posts from earlier in July that I’ve been meaning to share. Stay tuned. =)

**Photos By: Nate Hargis

Outfit Details:
Lace Top: Forever 21
Skirt (dress folded down): Vintage – handmade by my Mom!
Purse: Vintage Coach – Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Sun Glasses: Aria – St. Armands Circle
Necklace: Vintage – family heirloom (Nate’s family)

Ashland and Celebrating Little Victories

These pictures are from January. This was the last day I can remember it being truly warm enough to walk around outside without a coat on before the extremely freezing temps swept through Kentucky. We’ve made it through the worst of the cold days and we’ve even had a 70 degree day or two this month, but it sure felt like a long stretch of I’ll never be warm again. I can’t wait to venture back out to Ashland on a warm spring day. We’ve taken photos there before (remember these?) but never in the gardens. What better place for spring outfit photos, right?

I’ve been working on some ideas for this little blog that I’m pretty excited about! Oh man, how many times have I said that, right?! ;] There’s actually some progress to be seen this time though! I’ve started on a revamp of my design – enough so that it’s up with just a few things that need to be added. I have 4 or 5 half written posts, a sheet of to-do’s/goals, and motivation like I’ve never had before. I think *maybe* I’ve finally realized that I have control over my successes and my failures. Everyone acknowledges that in their mind, I think, but then you have to actually apply that logic to your life. It’s not always as easy to take action on what you know. Sometimes it’s easier to binge watch episodes of Breaking Bad and wake up 30 minutes before work. Actually, that’s always easier. ;]
I feel like my mid to late twenties will truly be some of the best years of my life. I’m finding out more and more every day who I really am and that I am a capable, strong woman. I’m not such a pushover and I don’t accept being treated poorly. I have more confidence. I chase my goals and I actually believe that I can achieve them. Sometimes it feels like a small out of body experience when I’m following through with something I never would have done on my own previously, even just a year ago. This isn’t all to say, OH WOW GUYS, LOOK AT ME BEING A NORMAL HUMAN ADULT. It’s just that I’m so happy to be knocking down walls that held me in for so long.
I want to challenge all of you to think of something that you’re struggling to do and write down ONE goal that you can complete over the course of the next week that will get you closer to doing it. It could be anything. Doesn’t really matter if it’s something that everyone else does without an issue; if it’s hard for you then it’s something to work on and feel accomplished about when you make progress! It really helps to think of something that you can do NOW to move in the right direction because if not now, when?! I recently drove on the interstate for the first time, ever, in life. That’s not a huge accomplishment for most people. For me, it was a milestone in my battle with anxiety. So write down your small goal, accomplish it, celebrate even the tiniest victory, and then write down the next one! Baby steps, friends!

What I Wore:
Cardigan: LOFT // Christmas Gift
Dress + Boots: Express
Ring: Vintage // Thrifted
Necklace: Vintage // Family heirloom
Belt: Forever 21
Headband: Aerie

What I Wore: Lexington Snow

Lexington Snow
The dreary months of winter are dragging on here in Kentucky. I’m still trying to find the beauty in it as much as possible – but if I’m being flat out honest, I’m really over it. Every now and then I’ll gaze out my window at the gleaming icicles hanging off of the trees or catch a perfect snowflake on my jacket and it will make me feel so at home in this weather. But then, I drive to work on a sheet of ice and get pelted in the face with freezing rain as I drudge through the parking lot trying to get into the building as fast as possible – BUT NOT TOO FAST – because I don’t know how many times I’ve come THISCLOSE to biting it. Unfortunately, there’s a whole panel of windows facing that parking lot and I know that when my day finally comes there will inevitably be a video of me on YouTube falling banana-peel-style – laptop, purse, and lunchbox flying through the air. Stay tuned for that, friends.
I’ve come to the conclusion that winter is just sucking the life out of me lately. It’s harder to get out of bed in the mornings and just harder in general to get motivated to do anything outside of my list of things that have to be done. Nate and I have literally been sitting around dreaming of warmer days out loud to one another. OH man, PATIO BEER. Remember PATIO BEER?! Barely. I barely remember patio beer. I barely remember sitting outside watching Kristie play volleyball games. I barely remember walking around the farmers market with Nate. I barely remember strolling around downtown on the weekend with friends, popping in and out of all of our favorite places, and wandering back to their house to hang out. You guys, IT’S SO WHITE HERE. Where is the SUN?! It’s getting dramatic.
I’m kidding. It’s not that dramatic, but our heating bills sort of are. That’s quite a big slice out of my metaphorical Winter Complaint pie chart – comparing second in size only to removing myself from under the heat blanket. Do you know how I know that I work too much? I’ve started making up fake pie charts in my head. It’s completely normal, I swear.
So what about you – is it cold where you are? How are you handling it? Are you tired of seeing everyone complaining about the weather? Well, so am I. So much so that I figured, why not jump on the bandwagon? ;]

What I Wore:
Coat: Maria D // Delia’s
Dress, Belt, Socks, + Hat: Forever 21
Sweater: New York & Co.
Scarf: Shi by Journey’s
Gloves + Tights: Target
Boots: Express
Bag: Vintage Coach // Still Chic Boutique

What I Wore: A Cozy Sunday

What I Wore: A Cozy Sunday
Yesterday was such a relaxing and cozy Sunday at home. Spent some time cleaning up our yellow accent wall project, did some yoga, did some laundry, made a batch of Cincinnati style chili, rearranged some of the photos on the walls, and just enjoyed an overall easy day at home with Nate. I got ready for the day as usual because I wasn’t sure if we would need to run any errands, but kept it nice and comfy! My favorite dress, a warm sweater over top, and cozy sweater tights. Also – a little weird fact about me.. I can’t get dressed in “real” clothes and not put on jewelry.

This dainty gold arrow bracelet is one of my current favorite pieces of jewelry. I’ve been wearing it with everything, as I’m completely obsessed with gold/feminine accessories. I just found out over the weekend that is offering 10% off everything in their store with code 100plus – so you may want to snag one of these pretty bracelets for yourself while they’re on sale!

Arrow Bracelet - Loopsway.comDress: Pac Sun // Sweater: Target (gift) // Tights: Aerie // Bracelet: c/o // Flats: JC Penney // Scarf: Shi By Journeys // “You Are Spectacular” Print: c/o Happie Reading

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