Goals in 2014

Photos By Erika Litton

I made a simple list of goals at the beginning of 2014 that I kept to myself. In the past I’ve made my list of goals for the new year well in advance and ready to blog; long lists full of big ideas that usually end up somewhat accomplished but mostly half-assed. I love making lists – so much so that I can’t keep up with all of them. This year I wanted to be more realistic and so far? Well, I feel like I’m on the right track…

1. Be kind to yourself.
2. Do the things that scare you most.
3. Spend your time on people who spend their time on you.
4. Accept that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to.
5. Be confident in yourself.

This past month I’ve done these 5 things more than I ever have. I’ve been kind to myself by thinking positive thoughts and taking time to myself when I need it. I’ve done some pretty scary (to me) things lately too, and I did them with confidence. I’ve been spending my time on the people who spend time on me. And I’ve really been focusing on accepting when things just aren’t meant to be – an especially important lesson this week. I know that this is all kind of a vague post – and that can be really annoying. But it’s just a little something I wanted to write down and put out in the universe: I’m doing better, I’m getting better, I can do the things I thought I couldn’t do.

What I Wore: Lexington Snow

Lexington Snow
The dreary months of winter are dragging on here in Kentucky. I’m still trying to find the beauty in it as much as possible – but if I’m being flat out honest, I’m really over it. Every now and then I’ll gaze out my window at the gleaming icicles hanging off of the trees or catch a perfect snowflake on my jacket and it will make me feel so at home in this weather. But then, I drive to work on a sheet of ice and get pelted in the face with freezing rain as I drudge through the parking lot trying to get into the building as fast as possible – BUT NOT TOO FAST – because I don’t know how many times I’ve come THISCLOSE to biting it. Unfortunately, there’s a whole panel of windows facing that parking lot and I know that when my day finally comes there will inevitably be a video of me on YouTube falling banana-peel-style – laptop, purse, and lunchbox flying through the air. Stay tuned for that, friends.
I’ve come to the conclusion that winter is just sucking the life out of me lately. It’s harder to get out of bed in the mornings and just harder in general to get motivated to do anything outside of my list of things that have to be done. Nate and I have literally been sitting around dreaming of warmer days out loud to one another. OH man, PATIO BEER. Remember PATIO BEER?! Barely. I barely remember patio beer. I barely remember sitting outside watching Kristie play volleyball games. I barely remember walking around the farmers market with Nate. I barely remember strolling around downtown on the weekend with friends, popping in and out of all of our favorite places, and wandering back to their house to hang out. You guys, IT’S SO WHITE HERE. Where is the SUN?! It’s getting dramatic.
I’m kidding. It’s not that dramatic, but our heating bills sort of are. That’s quite a big slice out of my metaphorical Winter Complaint pie chart – comparing second in size only to removing myself from under the heat blanket. Do you know how I know that I work too much? I’ve started making up fake pie charts in my head. It’s completely normal, I swear.
So what about you – is it cold where you are? How are you handling it? Are you tired of seeing everyone complaining about the weather? Well, so am I. So much so that I figured, why not jump on the bandwagon? ;]

What I Wore:
Coat: Maria D // Delia’s
Dress, Belt, Socks, + Hat: Forever 21
Sweater: New York & Co.
Scarf: Shi by Journey’s
Gloves + Tights: Target
Boots: Express
Bag: Vintage Coach // Still Chic Boutique

365 Days of Marriage Days in 2014 – Days 20 through 27

365 Days of Marriage
Waiting and wondering if the snow will come (it definitely did).

Whew! I sure keep letting these uploads get behind, don’t I? There have been quite a few days where I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and edit photos and if I’ve had the time to edit photos I didn’t have time to write a post! But they say that you have time for the things that you make time for, right? Right.

I’ve been going back and forth on a lot of things that I want to change around here (the blog) to help me gain some organization/structure and feel more inspired. Honestly, I think I’m just craving a major design overhaul. Unfortunately I want all of the ease of outsourcing the job to someone else and all of the gratification of doing it myself. Designing/coding is one of my favorite parts of blogging and I think that’s part of why it’s difficult for me to enjoy writing in this space when I’m bored or unsatisfied with the way it looks. I feel like a Sim sitting in a room full of trash. My little mood diamond is red. ;] Ughh.. remember when we had time for unproductive, time consuming things – like playing the Sims?

The other issue I’m having is that I continuously go back and forth between wanting this to be an all encompassing personal blog but also wanting it to have a more professional feel. I can’t seem to choose which path to take and I’d definitely be interested to know – what are your favorite types of blogs to read? I really want to find the right balance between the two! It seems like so many bloggers are all doing very similar things, myself included. I want to bring something interesting to the table for myself and also for my readers – because otherwise, I’m not sure what I’m even doing here.

365 Days of Marriage
Wrapped in blankets.

365 Days of Marriage
Sneaking a kiss.

In case you were wondering – there are a LOT of choices when it comes to choosing paint! And a lot of colors that look almost identical.

365 Days of Marriage
Preparing for more snow – so obviously we bought a frozen pizza, cookies, and the ingredients for potato soup!

365 Days of Marriage
I don’t always use the word ‘selfie’, but when I do – it’s to describe this photo. “Snow Selfies”, in our personal elements.

365 Days of Marriage
There’s a substantial amount of ‘derp’ happening in these photos, but I like them. We had fun throwing snowballs!

365 Days of Marriage
We finally made it into the living room with new paint color! It took forever to finish the entryway!

Thanks for following along on this little journey! Stay tuned for another photo dump coming soon! =) Sorry for spilling some of my random thoughts on blogging out all over the place. Sometimes it just feels good to get them all out!

Beauty Picks: Winter Skin

Beauty Picks: Winter Skin

These are some of the products that are absolutely saving my skin this winter. I’m obsessed with them and have been using them daily to keep my skin feeling happy and healthy! Influenster sent over this fantastic razor from Gillette for me to try out and review. Let me tell you, I am so happy that they did. I’ll admit that prior to this I was using one of the super cheap-o disposable razors. Not even the sort of fancy kind either. After using a nice razor, well, my eyes are opened to the possibility that maybe it’s really not me and it IS my razor. Irritated skin can be prevented and it’s worth it. I’ve learned my lesson!

On the topic of irritated skin – Body Dew will change your life. I’ve never found a lotion that works like this stuff! I spray this on immediately after stepping out of the shower and I no longer have to feel miserably itchy from dry skin. Not to mention, it makes my tattoo bright and pretty! EOS lip balm is a newer favorite and I’m already obsessed. I can’t believe it took me so long to jump on that bandwagon! Pomegranate is my favorite flavor! And lastly – Vanilla Bean Noel hand cream from Bath & Body Works! This stuff smells delicious and makes my dry hands feel so much better.

So, what are your top beauty picks for winter skin? Share in the comments! I need some new obsessions!

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