365 Project 2015: Day 3

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Project 2015: Day 3

365 Project 2015: Day 3

Happy Friday everyone! Nate and I went out for a very yummy dinner with Jackson and Kristie and now we are hanging out at home relaxing. I practiced my Pure Romance demo for him (he’s such a good Husband) because I have a super quick bachelorette party tomorrow! I only have 45 minutes to talk and take orders! A regular party is typically about 3 hours from start to finish (including intro, games, ordering, etc). SO, I will be talking fast! I timed myself this evening and went a little over because I just want to share EVERY detail – so let’s hope I talk 3xs as fast tomorrow! =D I love bachelorette parties – they are always so much fun!

Right now I am feeling so optimistic about this little part time business! I’m having a lot of fun with it. Plus, I love being part of the team that I’m on. We’re currently doing a “booking blitz” contest where we are split into smaller teams and we are competing to see which group of ladies can book the most parties for February and March! It’s a really exciting incentive to get us all to put ourselves out there!

I’m looking forward to a busy weekend of buti yoga, Pure Romance, baby planning, and friend time! I hope to take a really nice long nap at some point during that time as well! Always living for the weekend. =)

Thoughts on Pregnancy: 21 Weeks + The Anatomy Ultrasound

365 Project 2015: Day 2

365 Project 2015: Day 2

Nate and I got to see our baby boy again today! We got to see him for a bit longer than usual since this was the 20 week anatomy ultrasound. They showed us every little inch of him of him from head to toe, checking carefully to make sure that he’s growing properly and is 100% healthy! The ultrasound tech made sure to let us know exactly what we were looking at – a leg, an arm, a foot. When she zoomed in on his heart and showed us the four chambers working perfectly – Nate and I both gasped. I admit that I cried a little bit and totally did not see that coming! It was just amazing to see. I just feel so blessed. It’s extremely hard to wrap my mind around it all. We are going to be parents. We made this tiny perfect human and I’m enough – I’m doing enough, I’m eating healthy enough, I’m drinking an insane amount of water, I’m staying fit, I’m taking my vitamins and in return my body is taking care of him. It’s hard not to wonder just a little bit what I can be doing better, so to hear that he looks perfect and healthy is so reassuring.

Nate got to meet my midwife today, or one of them. He was really impressed and so am I! I switched to midwife care last week and even after just two visits I feel like this is truly the best decision I could have made for us. They have been so thorough so far and have made me feel like they are there to walk us through this whole thing. Instead of waiting for me to have an issue or a problem they are offering help and information up front – have you thought about this, this is how this works, let us discuss your insurance with you and the exact cost you’ll be facing, etc. I don’t feel like I’m walking around in a dark room trying to feel my way out of it any longer and it is a breath of fresh air.

As for any updates: this babe is on the move! He is punching, kicking, rolling around, and doing who knows what else in there! I went from not feeling much of anything to seeing a definite pattern in his movements at certain times of the day/night (11PM is party time)! Nate has been able to see him move and has felt him once! I no longer feel like I might just be getting larger for no reason – there is definitely somebody in there! Hahaa.;]

365 Project 2015: Day 1

365 Project 2015: Day 1

Normally I would do my 21 week bump update today, but I thought that I would go ahead and save that for tomorrow since Nate and I have a very special appointment that I’ll want to gush about in that post! Today – I want to start a new 365 project and share my very first photo with you! I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a new 365 for a bit (as I always do around this time of year) and I decided yesterday that I just have to do it! I’ve started many 365 photo projects – a photography project where I take a photo a day for an entire year. Some have had themes, some haven’t, some have been only DSLR photos, some have been a mixture of DSLR and iPhone photos – in any case, I don’t think I’ve ever fully completed a single one. Nate and I came the closest with our 365 Days of Marriage project but we still never finished completely. I am honestly not sure how this one will turn out. The one thing that I do know? No matter what – I will have photos that I will treasure forever in the end. I still look back on the photos that Nate and I took and carefully collaborated on together with so much love. It forced us to be creative and think of different ways to share our love and our marriage through photographs every single day – it was so much fun (and we also had a lot more time on our hands back then)!

I’m going to do my best to be creative and get back into the groove of using my Nikon D7000 more often again. I feel so much more complete when I’m working on ideas for photographs, editing, etc. It relaxes me – as weird as that sounds! And every photo won’t be baby related – though I do have baby on the brain quite a bit! ;]

Today’s photo was taken in the room that will become our baby’s nursery. We’ve got a little stock pile of baby stuff – clothes, books, a stroller, toys. It seems to be growing a little bit every week! I can’t wait to read the book I’m holding to him. I think it may be my favorite gift we’ve been given so far. It is the sweetest little book! I’m still trying to decide if we’ll be painting this room. I love the color that it is but I can’t decide if it’s too dark for a nursery. I do think the bright white crib against it would be pretty! So many choices!

Positively Monday: A Happy List

New Years Eve 2014

+The way Nate texts me all throughout the day to check on me and see how I’m doing.
+Feeling the baby kick hard enough to feel him on the outside with my hand for the very first time (last night)!
+Buti Yoga on Saturday afternoons! Ohh goodness – my new favorite fitness class! Especially while pregnant!
+Feeling appreciated at work.
+Not having to wash my hair as often, all thanks to the dry winter air. NOTE: the ONLY good thing about winter after Christmas is over.
+Jamberry nail wraps!!! I’m obsessed with them. I’ll be doing a little review and tutorial video on them soon!
+FUR lined footless tights. You heard me. Not fleece – FUR. It’s like I’m wearing a really soft blanket as pants.
+The way I can see our little downtown skyline on my drive to work.
+Finding the perfect midwives to start seeing for the rest of my pregnancy.
+Impromptu nights out with friends to play trivia after silks class.
+Laughing hysterically over the fact that NO one on our team could think of “Sleeping Beauty” when trying to think of movie titles with the word “Beauty” in them. Ridic. (We don’t win a lot.) <--- Kudos to anyone who gets that movie reference.
+Brunch with Nate on the weekends at our favorite local places.
+Booking Pure Romance parties and ordering new products for my demo! I can't wait to spoil my hostesses!
+Daydreams of being a little family with Nate and Baby L, through the good and the trying times. Lazy days at home, walks around the pond when it's warm, and lots of baby cuddles. And yes - Baby L. Oooohhh, your first clue to what his name could be! ;]
+When someone walks all the way across a public place to tell me they love my hair.
+Spending extra time with Biscuit and spoiling him now that he's our only sweet bunny to love on.
+Slowly but surely getting my house in order. I can't wait to get that "nesting" boost of energy!

***Positively Monday is a weekly feature to remind us all to stay positive, even on those dreaded Mondays! This week I am switching it up a bit with a more personal “Happy List”. If you would like your Instagram photo, Pinterest submission, or blog post to be considered for an upcoming Positively Monday please shoot me an email or leave a comment! I hope you’ll leave your positive thoughts in the comments!

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