Aerial Silk Diaries: Moving On Up!

On Wednesday I took a test (along with several other classmates) to see if I could do all of the required poses and drops to start taking intermediate silk classes and guess what? I passed! It was an amazing feeling. I was so weak when I started taking classes in February. I couldn’t even do some of the most basic introductory poses. To be graduating into intermediate feels a little bit surreal because I remember watching everyone in that class and thinking I would never be able to do what they were doing! On Sunday I went for the first time and it was a lot of fun to learn some new things! This class is definitely a lot more exhausting as we’re doing most everything from an aerial invert – no more sitting in the hammock knot – this is all holding on to the free silks!

I’m going to start taking my camera to open silks to take some better quality videos for editing/sharing here on the blog! I think it would be fun to post a weekly video of my progress outside of grainy Instagram videos. What do y’all think? Yay or nay?

Are there any questions that you might have around this topic? Let me know! I would love to answer your questions in a video!

New Business Endeavours: Pure Romance

Pure Romance by Stephanie

Well friends, I have a bit of exciting news to share with you all today! It’s official – I am now a Pure Romance consultant. You may or may not have any idea what that means. Or, you may think you have an idea of what that means – but you might be a little off! Let me fill you in, because I’m really excited about it!

So, Pure Romance is the nation’s leading woman-to-woman direct sellers of relationship-enhancement products. We (I can say ‘we’ now! AHH!) sell everything from bath and beauty products to the more private and personal bedroom accessories. I have basically been selling this stuff to friends and family for other consultants on accident by talking about how much I love Body Dew because it makes my tattoo bright and keeps my skin moisturized in the winter (something that no other product has been able to do) or by telling people what perfume I’m wearing if they happen to smell it and like it (which happens often). When I’m passionate about something I have a hard time shutting up about it – for example: all of the Aerial Silk classes that I’ve gone on and on about to anyone who will listen. When I love something I want other people to have the chance to experience it too! I’ve tried and bought products from other direct sales companies in the past but it’s either been something a bit gimmicky or something you can walk into Target and buy just as easily, for a much better price. That isn’t the case with these products, so people want to hostess parties for the free gifts/discounts and ladies want to attend if for no other reason then to enjoy a girls night out.

I took a lot of time to think about this opportunity before taking a leap of faith and signing up. I never saw myself as someone who would “Empower, Educate, and Entertain” other women. I am kind of shy! I gave myself a lot of reasons why I couldn’t do this and as the saying goes, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”. It may be cheesy but it’s true. I’ve watched my friend (and now sponsor) reap the amazing benefits that Pure Romance has to offer over the last year or so. Staying home with her family, traveling all over, receiving promotion after promotion within the business, and building a brand new beautiful house. I’ve stood by silently, almost jumping on the opportunity several times, but always stepping back from the ledge. You don’t have the personality for that. You will get lost trying to find people’s houses for parties and freak out. You wont ever make the kind of money that these other ladies are making. But then I realized that I’ve done a whole lot of things this year that have scared the absolute shit out of me (for lack of a better way to put it!) and none of them have turned out badly. The exact opposite actually. So why not? I bet it will be totally awkward at first, but I love to teach people things and make people laugh and boy is this a good opportunity for that! I will probably get lost at some point on my way to a party but I’m betting I’ll get where I’m going and it wont kill me. And, I may not ever make the kind of money some of the other people I know make. I probably wont ever quit my corporate job to do this full time. I may only do one party a month and just pay for my Aerial Silk classes but that’s fine! I think it’s great to dream big but for me it helps to have a super do-able/realistic goal. Anything over that will feel like the icing on the cake!

The pieces are all coming together. I just received my kit and my fancy little name tag. I’ll be shadowing my sponsor at a party on Saturday and setting up my very own launch party soon! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or shoot me an email. I’ll be setting up a blog and a Facebook page for my new little business where I’ll share promotions and events that will be happening in the future! So even if you’re far away – I can be your Pure Romance consultant (or your SPONSOR if you’re interested in becoming a Consultant)! Love that! And if you’re interested in shopping online and possibly purchasing something from me right meowclick here!

Thanks for all of your support friends!!

Springtime in Lexington, Kentucky

Some of my favorite weekends this time of year are spent wandering our city’s downtown area. One of my best friends, Kristie, lives in the perfect location in downtown Lexington. On occasion, our husbands go off and do their man things and we spend the afternoon exploring the prettiest nearby neighborhoods and popping in and out of all of the places the boys will never go with us, like cocktail bars and Local Taco (mmmm, chips and salsa)! We pretty much just set out on foot with no plans in particular and end up where we end up! My favorite kind of plans are basically no plans at all.

Springtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, KentuckySpringtime in Lexington, Kentucky

Aerial Silk Diaries: Student Showcase Success!

1st Annual Bella Forza Fitness Showcase
It’s hard to put into words what Sunday night meant to me. I am still bursting at the seams. Everyone did so well! The girls that knew I was super nervous and unconfident ran up to me at the end to tell me that I did great, and the encouragement continued to flow through Facebook comments for days after! It was so much fun to show my Husband, Mother-in-law, and close friends what I’ve been up to. You can tell people that you’re taking aerial silk classes all day long but it can be a bit hard to explain. I love that I got to really show them what I’ve been learning. The only thing that would have made it better is if my parents could have come! Maybe next year, right?

1st Annual Bella Forza Fitness Showcase
The group fitness classes I’m taking at Bella Forza Fitness are all fantastic, but the community I’ve found there is a wonderful surprise that is equally important to me now. Making new friends isn’t easy for me and actually meeting people to attempt to be friends with is even more difficult. I’m such a sap, but getting ready for the performance with everyone was just as fun for me as the actual show! Listening to music (finding people with similar taste in music!), helping apply fake eyelashes, curling each other’s hair – I will always love girly stuff like that no matter how old I get! I truly never could have imagined how many great things a late night impulse Groupon purchase would bring my way! I’m really thankful to have such an uplifting group of women in my life!

1st Annual Bella Forza Fitness Showcase
I will be sharing more images from the Showcase in a separate post. I had a blast playing photographer and taking photos of the other ladies during their performances. Nate did a fantastic job snapping these photos of me from way in the back of the gym! I’m thankful to have them as a testament to the time I got up and did something I was terrified to do… and almost flashed an entire crowd of people while doing it. ;] Lesson learned: the double sided tape just isn’t strong enough for the movement of an aerialist! Duct tape, next time!

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