Project Home: A DIY Vanity Table for $0

Every year around this time I start to get an itch to change things up in our house. I’ve been thinking a lot about our office space in particular over the past few weeks. We worked hard to make the smallest of our three bedrooms into a nice office where we could pay bills, work on blog related things, hang out, read, etc. To be honest though – I’m more comfortable working on bills and such from the dining room table and if I’m blogging I’m most likely under a cozy blanket on the couch. You can see an old photo of our office here. Since this photo was taken we have added a tall filing cabinet to the right of the desk, a big retro couch to the opposite wall, and my treble clef clock hangs above the couch. It’s a really nice space but out of our two extra rooms it makes a lot more sense to keep our guest bedroom for out of town visitors. So the office will become our sweet baby’s nursery!

I’ve been desperately wanting a vanity table for our bedroom over the last few months but haven’t wanted to shell out the couple hundred dollars that I knew it would take to find a decent one. Nor have I had the time to even look! I’ve always stood at the bathroom sink to do my makeup and hair and therefore my bathroom sink always looks like an explosion of makeup, hair products, heat styling tools, brushes, combs, perfumes, nail polishes, etc. Completely out of control. Out of space and out of energy to continue standing at the sink every morning (thanks so much pregnancy), I decided that I had to find a vanity table STAT.

About a week ago while I was sitting on my couch thinking about my ideas for the nursery I started contemplating what to do with the office furniture. And then a light bulb came on. I had a desk that I needed to relocate, a mirror sitting in a closet downstairs, and a stool sitting in the corner of the living room collecting dust.

A few hours later Nate helped me move our desk into our bedroom, I hung the mirror, relocated my makeup and beauty products, and TADA – a perfect vanity table. I froze several of my old Bath & Body Works candles a while back and popped the last bit of wax out to make the clear glass containers for my makeup and brushes. I think they look great and I can see what all is in the jar with ease! I noticed that it would be a tad dark in the room for putting on makeup, so I strung up some white lights to give off a tiny bit more light. I’m obsessed with the way it looks and how much it adds to our bedroom. I love that if I don’t feel like having the bright lamp on my bedside table turned on in the evening I can just leave the string of lights on for a little bit of a glow.

I’m planning on replacing the drawer pulls and painting the mirror. All of the furniture in our bedroom is very mix and match so eventually I’d like to paint our bed frame, dresser, and bedside tables all white. Or pick one piece to paint a bold bright color. We also desperately need to paint the walls a different color and I’d like to replace the stool all together with a new chair (maybe this one?) as it’s too tall for the desk and I can’t scoot forward to look in the mirror comfortably.

So, what do you all think of my desk turned vanity? This isn’t your typical “DIY” – I didn’t build this beautiful vanity out of reclaimed wood or anything. I just moved some furniture around. But ya know, I was proud of myself for re-purposing items that weren’t being used and creating a space that I needed – so I’m calling it a DIY, y’all! Our “office” is currently in disarray, but we have some time to figure out exactly what we want to do with it! Right now I’m leaning towards keeping the couch in there and recovering it to match the nursery. After all, it will be nice to have a comfy place to sit/lay down.

A Beautiful Kentucky Fall + Eshakti Review

A Beautiful Kentucky Fall
We have been experiencing a phenomenally beautiful fall here in Kentucky this season. Gorgeous colors, perfect weather! This is by far my favorite time of year and one of the main reasons that I don’t miss living in Florida. I just so wish it lasted a little longer because before I know it those pretty leaves will be gone and I’ll be freezing! (That’s when I miss 90 degrees with 100% humidity!) But – let’s live in the moment, shall we?
A Beautiful Kentucky FallA Beautiful Kentucky FallA Beautiful Kentucky Fall
Nate and I seem to take a trip out to Ashland Estate every year around this time. It’s a lovely place to take photos and wander around for a bit. We were definitely not the only people with the idea to take photos there on Saturday! I can’t tell you how many times someone walked into our shot, looked at us like we were a little odd, or tried to converse with us about photography. Haha. I have never seen so many people there at the same time.
A Beautiful Kentucky FallA Beautiful Kentucky FallA Beautiful Kentucky Fall
I had so much fun taking pictures in this dress. My gosh, I am in love with it. sent it to me to review on my blog and though I’ve heard great things about them, I’m never really sure what to expect when I order clothing online. I was so pleased when I opened the package and held up the dress. Right away I could tell how well it was made – sturdy material, beautiful stitching detail – perfect! What really sets Eshakti apart from other online retailers is that you can customize their clothing to fit you perfectly – down to your exact measurements. I decided to go with a regular size 6 in this case though (one size up from normal) to have some room to grow into it. I did alter it a bit by having the sleeves removed and extending the length to knee length. I really love sleeveless dresses because it makes them so versatile. I can wear a long sleeve shirt under it with tights all winter and leave all of the layers behind in the spring/summer! I chose to lengthen it a little bit so that my growing tummy wont take the length up too short in the front. I could have removed the detail and the pockets if I had been interested in that – but how gorgeous is the detail!? And would anyone ever remove pockets from a dress? I hope not! There’s definitely room to grow and I think I’ll be able to wear this well into my pregnancy. It should be really fun to take pictures in it again down the road to see how that works out! My overall experience with Eshakti has been A+. This is a dress that will most definitely live in my closet for a long time and through many different seasons!
A Beautiful Kentucky FallA Beautiful Kentucky FallA Beautiful Kentucky FallA Beautiful Kentucky Fall
I had to throw in a few shots of me holding my sonogram photo from my doctor appointment at a little over 7 weeks. =)

Outfit Details:
Dress: Kenya Dress // courtesy of
Hat: Forever21
Boots: Target
Tights: Target
Cape: New York & Co.

**Photos taken by Nate

Thoughts On Pregnancy: Week 9

Our Little Pumpkin EST. May 2015
Yesterday I made a pretty big announcement and now it’s going to be pretty difficult not to continue blogging about it! It’s exciting in a way that feels like I’m the first pregnant person ever! Don’t worry though – I get it that it’s probably not that interesting, so I’m really thankful to those of you who will read these posts and pat me on the back and make me feel special. ;] I haven’t been great with making sure I take “the bump” photos just yet but to be honest there hasn’t been much of a bump to photograph! At this point I typically just look like I’ve eaten too many cheeseburgers or maybe I’ve had a few too many beers (BYE BEER!! I’LL MISS YOU.) But I really want to be one of those people who takes the time to make the pretty sign and stand next to it wearing the same form fitting outfit once a week. Maybe not the same outfit. The first trimester has made me pretty lazy so ya know, I’ll just do what I can!

Symptoms Up To This Point: I’ve been beyond blessed (so far) to have very few symptoms. So few that it’s made it a little hard to believe that I’m actually pregnant. I found out pretty early on and I kept waiting for the impending doom of nausea, but it never really came. The only TRULY odd symptom so far is that I got Chipotle one evening and couldn’t eat it. It disgusted me. I’m hoping that was a weird ONE TIME thing because Chipotle is my favorite food. And the only time I’ve gotten uncontrollably sick was after I smelled rotten Chipotle once it sat in my lunch box over night. Sigh. The other “you’re pregnant” signs have been very faint – I smell everything (but I always have), I’m a little crankier, I get emotional more easily (like at concerts and when the football team runs on to the field at a UK game. LOL. Ridiculous.), I wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night (I never used to do that), I don’t sleep very soundly, and I get tired pretty quickly. But none of those things are so off the charts that I would call them real symptoms, if that makes sense.

Aerial Training During Pregnancy: A lot of people have automatically assumed that I will give up Aerial Silks. But fortunately, as long as I continue to feel well I should be just fine to continue on with my training (per my doctor). I have some limitations now and I can’t do ALL of the things I was doing, of course, but I’m pretty excited to keep at it and stay in great shape throughout my pregnancy. I fully believe in listening to your body though and I plan to take it day by day! We have a showcase coming up in December so I’m hoping I’ll get some of my energy back towards the second trimester and be able to perform a routine. I have to start working on the choreography now though! I’m really looking forward to having to get a little creative with it since I won’t be able to incorporate a lot of my favorite moves/drops! If I can’t do it, that will be okay too! But it’s so much fun knowing that I have a little aerial baby flying along with me and I think it would be wonderful to perform a routine during this special time!

Feelings On Boy or Girl: I have no feelings what-so-ever, though I did have a dream two nights ago that it was a boy. Most people are leaning towards it being a girl, for all of the obvious reasons. Nate is completely convinced it’s a girl. We will definitely find out as soon as we can! I’ve thought about how fun it would be to be surprised but I just don’t have it in me to wait. We have a few names picked out and it will feel a lot more real once we can truly pick one and call them by it. <3

Current Focus/Obsessions: Right now I’m obsessing over our house – cleaning, organizing, completing projects we’ve been meaning to start/finish, and turning our office into a nursery. Being extra tired and having a cold has kept my butt on the couch while thinking about all of the things I want to do. I’m determined to make some progress this weekend!

Our Little Pumpkin. Arriving May 2015.

Our Little Pumpkin EST. May 2015
On September 18th at 7:30AM I flew down my carpeted stairs almost on the heels of my feet, like a mad woman. I tossed and turned for most of the night but I was wide awake at 7:30AM like it was Christmas morning. I’m never wide awake when I wake up, no matter the time of day. It takes a cup of coffee and a lot of pep talks. I thought about the furniture in all of the rooms as I tried to fall asleep the night before. We have two spare bedrooms. One is a small office that is rarely used but houses important files, Pure Romance inventory, and all of the regular office-y things. The other is a very blandly decorated (read: not decorated) larger guest bedroom with only a full bed and a record cabinet in it. I use the closet as an overflow for things I’ll never wear again but can’t bear to part with. You know – my wedding dress, size 0 Jeans, etc. The smaller room that is used as an office makes more sense, I thought, as I tried to drift off to sleep. Why on earth did we paint it such a dark color? What will we do with the desk, the couch, the filing cabinet?

So there I was running down the stairs at 7:30AM in a blur the next morning, literally, I didn’t even bother to put in my contacts. I retrieved what I was looking for from a small drawer in the downstairs half bathroom and raced back up to the master bath. It would be better to do it here because.. why? I had no idea why but I was already back upstairs. I ripped open the test, read the instructions carefully. Don’t do it wrong. Can I do it wrong?? I put way too much thought into peeing on a stick properly. I placed the test on the back of the toilet and set the timer on my phone for 2 minutes. I put in my contacts, brushed my teeth, and the timer went off. I picked up the test. Two pink lines. Plain as day. Yahtzee, Bingo, You’re Pregnant – NO question about it.

Our Little Pumpkin EST. May 2015
I stared at the two bright pink lines. I looked at myself in the mirror. I took a picture of the test. I took a selfie with the test (yes, really). I stared at myself in the mirror some more with both my hands on my face. My cheeks were hot. I was surprised, but I had known for a couple of days really. I was three days late. I knew but I also couldn’t believe it. I waited all day to tell Nate. It was the longest day of my life. When he came home from work I had a Victoria Secret bag waiting and told him that I bought him a present on my lunch break. He excitedly tore into the bag, held up the tissue paper and said, “There’s nothing in here?” I told him to look in the tissue paper. He found the test immediately. The smile that came across his face was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll never forget it! (I really wont because I took a video! Ha!) We hugged and jumped up and down. It was a moment I’d always dreamt about and it was so surreal to finally be experiencing it.

It’s still hard to believe it and I am 9 weeks today! We are unbelievably excited, ecstatic, overwhelmed with joy – all of the ‘on the edge of your seat’ feelings that there are. We have all of them. I feel so blessed that I was able to tell my Mom in person when I went down to Florida to surprise her for her birthday! It wasn’t planned that way but suddenly I had the perfect present to give her! I signed her birthday card from me, Nate and Baby. I thought she would pass out when she read it! I had already nearly given her a heart attack just by being there, haha. Nate and I told his Mom while we were in Chicago right after the race. He bought a Chicago Marathon baby bib and gave it to her. The look of confusion and then pure OH MY GOSH YAY!!!! was amazing. I’ve never had so much fun telling anyone anything as I did telling our parents this news! So much fun!

It’s been so hard to blog lately because it’s been ALL I’ve wanted to talk about and yet it just wasn’t quite time yet! I can’t wait to share and document this journey here. =) Thanks for being along for the ride, friends!

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