365 Days of Marriage Days in 2014 – Days 20 through 27

365 Days of Marriage
Waiting and wondering if the snow will come (it definitely did).

Whew! I sure keep letting these uploads get behind, don’t I? There have been quite a few days where I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and edit photos and if I’ve had the time to edit photos I didn’t have time to write a post! But they say that you have time for the things that you make time for, right? Right.

I’ve been going back and forth on a lot of things that I want to change around here (the blog) to help me gain some organization/structure and feel more inspired. Honestly, I think I’m just craving a major design overhaul. Unfortunately I want all of the ease of outsourcing the job to someone else and all of the gratification of doing it myself. Designing/coding is one of my favorite parts of blogging and I think that’s part of why it’s difficult for me to enjoy writing in this space when I’m bored or unsatisfied with the way it looks. I feel like a Sim sitting in a room full of trash. My little mood diamond is red. ;] Ughh.. remember when we had time for unproductive, time consuming things – like playing the Sims?

The other issue I’m having is that I continuously go back and forth between wanting this to be an all encompassing personal blog but also wanting it to have a more professional feel. I can’t seem to choose which path to take and I’d definitely be interested to know – what are your favorite types of blogs to read? I really want to find the right balance between the two! It seems like so many bloggers are all doing very similar things, myself included. I want to bring something interesting to the table for myself and also for my readers – because otherwise, I’m not sure what I’m even doing here.

365 Days of Marriage
Wrapped in blankets.

365 Days of Marriage
Sneaking a kiss.

In case you were wondering – there are a LOT of choices when it comes to choosing paint! And a lot of colors that look almost identical.

365 Days of Marriage
Preparing for more snow – so obviously we bought a frozen pizza, cookies, and the ingredients for potato soup!

365 Days of Marriage
I don’t always use the word ‘selfie’, but when I do – it’s to describe this photo. “Snow Selfies”, in our personal elements.

365 Days of Marriage
There’s a substantial amount of ‘derp’ happening in these photos, but I like them. We had fun throwing snowballs!

365 Days of Marriage
We finally made it into the living room with new paint color! It took forever to finish the entryway!

Thanks for following along on this little journey! Stay tuned for another photo dump coming soon! =) Sorry for spilling some of my random thoughts on blogging out all over the place. Sometimes it just feels good to get them all out!

365 Days of Marriage in 2014 – Days 13 through 19

365 Days of Marriage in 2014 - Days 13 through 19
Oh hey friends! Sorry for the photo dump but we’ve been pretty busy! We’re still going strong with our project though! I’m starting to notice a cabin fever sort of theme going on in our photos from this past week. I can’t wait until it warms up a little outside – I feel like that will open a lot more possibilities for our photos. At this point we’re pretty much ALWAYS in our living room or kitchen. How intriguing .. heh. Grocery shopping, exhaustion, using the stair railing as a drying rack for laundry, quick (healthy) dinners, cuddles, a weekend date night, painting projects, and trying to coax Nate off of the couch to head up to bed…. I’d say this set of photos accurately describes our adult life pretty well. ;]
365 Days of Marriage in 2014 - Days 13 through 19365 Days of Marriage in 2014 - Days 13 through 19365 Days of Marriage in 2014 - Days 13 through 19365 Days of Marriage in 2014 - Days 13 through 19365 Days of Marriage in 2014 - Days 13 through 19
Have a great week! =)

365 Days of Marriage in 2014 – Day 10, 11, & and 12

365 Days of Marriage in 2014 - Day 10, 11, & and 12
Hello friends and welcome to the end of the weekend. We had an unbelievably full and fun filled weekend. It was over in a snap and now I’m rushing to get 100 things caught up before we start the week, as usual. Friday night we took it easy. We watched our favorite shows and cuddled…. and ate our favorite snacks. I thought this would make a good photo, our snacks, because we’re so very opposite when it comes to them! I love to eat entire jars of olives and Nate loves to eat bowls of cereal – these are our weakness foods!
365 Days of Marriage in 2014 - Day 10, 11, & and 12
On Saturday we played trivia with friends in the evening. We used to do this all of the time and kind of just.. quit. Last weekend we decided to go give it a shot again and we won first place! We only won third place this last time, so now we’re eager to get better and continue winning! I think this is going to become a weekend ritual again!
365 Days of Marriage in 2014 - Day 10, 11, & and 12
This afternoon Nate ran and I took some pictures for his new blog. I wandered around one of our favorite parks while he ran and got some shots whenever he would run by. It was nice to spend some time outside. It has warmed up quite a bit around here and it was a beautiful sunny day today!

And now? I’m headed up to bed to hopefully get a good nights sleep! Goodnight!

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