Ashland and Celebrating Little Victories

These pictures are from January. This was the last day I can remember it being truly warm enough to walk around outside without a coat on before the extremely freezing temps swept through Kentucky. We’ve made it through the worst of the cold days and we’ve even had a 70 degree day or two this month, but it sure felt like a long stretch of I’ll never be warm again. I can’t wait to venture back out to Ashland on a warm spring day. We’ve taken photos there before (remember these?) but never in the gardens. What better place for spring outfit photos, right?

What I Wore:
Cardigan: LOFT // Christmas Gift
Dress + Boots: Express
Ring: Vintage // Thrifted
Necklace: Vintage // Family heirloom
Belt: Forever 21
Headband: Aerie

What I Wore: Lakeside Golf Course

All I know is this: I must get in shape so at least one part of my body can be as rock hard as Nate’s calves. ;] Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be running 15 miles alongside him on a Saturday morning anytime soon ever. He’s got the kind of motivation I dream about. (Proud wife over here. Sorry, not sorry.)

Outfit Details:
Peplum Top: Target
Floral Jeans: Target
Leopard Flats: Target
Little Bow Hat: Gap
Flower Earrings: Vivi Dot
Vintage Coach Bag: Still Chic Boutique

What I Wore: To Nashville

Well, we are on our way to Nashville as I type this! I got off work, got ready, packed a bag, and ran out in my backyard to snap a few outfit photos in a whirlwind before jumping in the car to get on the road! We are heading down for the UK football game (note: the blue outfit!) on Saturday. We decided to leave a little early so we could have a bit of time to hang out in Nashville. We’re meeting Jackson & Kristie and will be staying with some friends tonight. I’ve never really had the chance to spend any time in Nashville so I’m pretty excited!
This top is a thrift find from last weekend. I almost put it down because I didn’t feel like trying it on and I am so glad I didn’t! It fits perfectly – $3 well spent! I’ve had this Forever21 skirt for a long time. It rarely gets worn until UK football season comes back around. The UK blue is perfect! Nate joked that I should have worn this to the game tomorrow but I think I’ll be more comfy in shorts and my new UK t-shirt. But tonight – people will probably be able to guess that we’re in town for the game! =)

Outfit Details
Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Forever21
Earrings: Vivi and Dot
Belt: Francesca’s
Shoes: Target
Bag: Vintage Coach from Still Chic Boutique

Kentucky Sunsets

^^I was *kidding* when I posed like this, but hilariously enough it is one of the few pictures that turned out in the low lighting!
These photos were taken at the beginning of July. There is a lovely little pond just around the block from our house. It’s a nice place to sit, watch fireflies, and enjoy a pretty sunset – we have a multitude of those around here! These pictures popped up immediately in iPhoto when I went to load my SD card from vacation. They are a nice reminder that there is so much to love here and be thankful for. It’s always difficult to return to reality after a carefree week of vacation. I know, I know – first world problems! But it’s a little harder for me since I have family and friends to miss in Florida, as well as the beach! It’s difficult when your heart is dived between two places.. but I feel so blessed to have two places to call home!

Have a great week everyone! I know mine will be insanely busy catching up on work from the last week! Eeekk.