365 Days of Marriage in 2014 – Day 2

365 Days of Marriage in 2014 - Day 2
Most of you know that Nate runs marathons. He’s in pretty fantastic shape and I am, well… not. This photo depicts exactly why he’s in great shape and why I am not- he will brave snow and ice in 18 degree weather to get a run in and I’m over here like, “Oh hell naw”. Basically. I did however do 25 minutes of Focus T25. Inside. Where it’s warm. It’s a start in the right direction, along with better eating habits! I’m still recovering from bronchitis. I’ve only had it since Thanksgiving (I’m a little bitter). I’m finally starting to feel a bit better but I’m trying not to overdo it/aggravate it with physical activity. Here’s hoping this final round of antibiotics finally kicks it for good!

Have you created any specific fitness goals for 2014? I’m trying not to make my usual long list of goals that I will inevitably fail miserably at. I’m super excited to take the aerial silks classes that I bought a while back and to also make it to the *free* yoga classes at West Sixth Brewing on Wednesday nights. I feel blessed to live in such an active community with so many fun fitness options! Tell me about your goals for the year!

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Brittany & CJ’s Wedding

On June 15th one of my closest girlfriends, Brittany, got married and I had the pleasure of standing up next to her on her special day! Whenever I wasn’t performing bridesmaid duties, I was taking photos! If you know me at all I’m betting you aren’t surprised one bit! Brittany and CJ had a lovely outdoor ceremony and reception on the grounds of a beautiful bed & breakfast in Richmond, Kentucky – the evening light and sweet details made it easy to get some great shots! I wish Brittany and CJ all the happiness in the world in their new life together!

The Derby Festival Marathon 2013

The Derby Festival Marathon last weekend was a nice mini getaway! I’m sure it was nicer for me, seeing how I didn’t run 26.2 miles! Nate finished with a time of 4:19 – a little bit outside of his goal time. He was slightly disappointed. It’s always hard for me to fathom being disappointed because I’m still really proud of myself when I run 2 miles.. on the treadmill.. slowly.. in a controlled environment. I still don’t think he gets how truly awesome he is compared to most people! I understand though because when people praise my blog in any small way I’m all, “No – I don’t think you understand how many page views a good blog gets..” We are competitive .. in different ways.. and my obsession is not benefiting my health or doing a whole lot for anyone. Fail. ;]